More Than One Road to Addiction Recovery

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Understanding Recovery Options

The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to both reflect & renew. For those who have been struggling with sobriety issues, now may be the right time to recommit to your recovery.

Abstinence is the first step. Depending on the nature of your addiction, this could involve detoxification, rehab, outpatient and other therapy, but regardless of what compulsion you’re struggling with, significant change agents need to be initiated. Success in staying sober comes from developing and building on insights and motivations to avoid your addictive behaviors and to avoid or counteract situations, feelings, physical locations and even people that trigger those behaviors.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but it is clear that recovery and relapse prevention is most successful when it incorporates multiple components. One of them is individual and/or behavioral therapy and counseling, which can help you to identify and modify attitudes and behaviors underlying your addiction and to build healthy life skills. Recovery “coaching” is a related approach.

Peer support groups can be also be a source of strength and understanding. The internet has greatly expanded the options, especially for people whose schedules conflict with group meetings and those who wish to remain completely anonymous. You may be familiar with the 12-step approach, built on principles developed through Alcoholics Anonymous and extended to many other types of addictions. The philosophy doesn’t work for everyone and numerous alternatives have filled the niche, such as Secular Organizations for SobrietySMART RecoveryModeration ManagementWomen for SobrietyLifeRing, and Buddhist Recovery Network.

As your improved, addiction-free life evolves, your needs are likely to change. Part of the life-long process of recovery will involve regularly reassessing and adjusting the methods you use (your treatment plan) to remain addiction free.

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