Addiction Life Coaching

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How An Addiction Life Coach Supports Recovery

In addiction recovery, there are often good reasons to seek therapy, and there is a lot to be offered from a sponsor in AA, NA or other support groups. But sometimes, learning to make better decisions and spend less time struggling can be achieved with the help of an Addiction Life Coach. Neither therapy nor sponsorship, Addiction Life Coaching, also called Recovery Coaching, works under the assumption that enjoying life in recovery will usually lead to maintaining recovery.

To that end, an Addiction Life Coach reminds the recovering person to find their strengths; like resourcefulness, creativity, and resilience; to overcome challenges. Rather than focusing on the past or asking “why”, the Coach encourages living in the here and now, tackling issues as they come up, and establishing clear goals along with specific plans to reach them.

  • “Should I tell my boss I’m in recovery?”
  • “How do I improve my everyday relationships with family members?”
  • “Should I attend 12-step groups while on vacation?”
  • “How can I save money so I can afford a new car?”
  •  “Will a new hobby add value or only stress to my life?”

These are the types of questions recovering people may ask themselves about everyday life. Addiction Life Coaches are partners in finding the solutions from within, and clearly defining one’s own life path in recovery.

If Addiction Life Coaching sounds right for you, search online for qualified Addiction Life or Recovery Coaches in your area, or contact your treatment provider for help locating a coach.

More information can be found in the Information Center. Click here to read a clinical white paper on the topic; or click here to view a video about Addiction Life Coaching.