Anger Management

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Spring is the perfect time to address anger problems

The arrival of spring is always mood elevating, and this spring is particularly welcome after the seemingly interminable winter we just slogged through. The darkness, severe cold, and mounds of snow and ice that trapped many of us indoors can wear a person’s patience thin. For some of us, the added stress may have made even minor annoyances seem magnified in scope, challenging our ability to stay calm and keep things in perspective.

Whatever the provocation or trigger, how we handle anger is key to our ability to function successfully in today’s world. Besides the damage uncontrolled anger can cause to relationships, careers, and other aspects of a person’s social interactions, repeated bouts of anger may have physical and psychological repercussions, too.

If you recognize or have been told that you have an anger problem, one of the most, if not the most, positive things you can do for yourself, and the people around you, is to work on managing your feelings of anger in a productive way. Although there’s no time like the present to address any self-defeating aspect of your life, the arrival of spring carries with it some inspirational symbolism as it is the quintessential time of rebirth and renewal!

Anger is a natural human response to stress, which is virtually impossible to eliminate entirely from life. You can successfully control how you react to stress, however, and reap the many personal, professional, social and other benefits of responding in a more productive manner.

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