Therapeutic Gardening

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What Is Horticultural Therapy?

planting flowers After the winter we just endured, a lot of people will be glad to get their hands into some garden soil! Whether to plant a flowerbed, start a vegetable garden, or pull up weeds, many of us find gardening to be a centering and life-affirming activity. But what if the joys of gardening could be harnessed as a therapeutic tool? Horticultural Therapists do just that. By engaging patients in the activities of a garden, Horticultural Therapy (HT) provides a whole host of benefits.

Horticultural Therapists help people dealing with mental health issues, physical rehabilitation, and addiction by encouraging them to access the positive effects of gardening, such as:

* Refocusing mental energy from negative, worried or obsessive thought patterns by concentrating on the task at hand
* Engaging in light to moderate physical activity
* absorbing healthy Vitamin D from the sun
* Following directions
* Practicing fine-motor skills
* Developing social skills
* Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment

As part of a holistic treatment plan including traditional therapies, other adjunctive therapies, and medication where indicated, Horticultural Therapy can be a valuable tool in improving mental, physical and emotional health. The results can be beautiful!

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