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Carrier in the News Carrier Clinic receives Land Development Award
How to make art work
Carrier Clinic completes $21 million project
Changing Seats on the Titanic-Steve Drzewoszewski, Coordinator of IOP Services
Carrier Clinic hosts Legislative Hearing on Mental Health in public schools.
There is hope for people fighting heroin addiction in NJ
Drug addiction: What are the signs?
Carrier Clinic brings light to behavioral health issues
Carrier Clinic Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Buch Interview on 1450 WCTC
New addition opens at Carrier Clinic’s Blake Recovery Center
Heroin Wasteland – Can New Jersey’s addiction epidemic be stopped?
Policy forum panel: 'Decriminalize marijuana:' Middlesex drug council inspires legalization dialogue
Don Parker during Carrier Clinic's night at the Ballpark, June 13, 2014
Mr. Parker featured in Princeton Magazine, October 2014
What happens when drug treatment ends?

Media Take the Tour of Blake Recovery Center
"Questions" -East Mountain School Commercial
"One in a Crowd" -Blake Recovery Center Commercial
"The Fact Is..." -Carrier Clinic Commercial
"Who I was. Who I am." -Carrier Clinic Testimonials
"Adolescent PSA" -Warning signs of mental health issues in adolescents
"Pet Therapy" -Carrier Clinic Pet Therapy PSA
"100 Years of Service" -Carrier Clinic History

Press Releases 2015                                                                                        
Carrier Clinic celebrates completion of $21 million building and renovation project with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Carrier Clinic conference, "The Healing Science of Art" was produced to help bring together artists and therapists in an experiential and educational forum.
Carrier Clinic conference brings artists and therapists together to discuss healing benefits of art
Carrier Clinic and East Mountain Hospital offering Free Alcohol and Depression Screening Dates throughout 2015
This May is Mental Health Month Addressing Mental Health #B4Stage4
New addition opens at Carrier Clinic's Blake Recovery Center
Carrier Clinic and East Mountain Hospital offering Free Alcohol and Depression Screening Dates this fall

Mental Health Advocates Richard J. Codey and Patrick J. Kennedy to present Awards at Carrier Clinic Gala
Carrier Clinic and East Mountain Hospital offering Free Alcohol and Depression Screening Dates throughout 2014
Carrier Clinic Board of Trustees honor CEO Don Parker at Princeton event

4th Annual Carrier Clinic Gala honors mental health advocacy leaders Sylvia Axelrod and Debra Wentz.
Carrier Clinic's 3rd Annual Walk of Hope exceeded both attendance and fundraising expectations
Carrier Clinic’s East Mountain School Announces new Chief School Administrator, Hillsborough Resident Stacey Paulis, Ed. D.
Carrier Clinic’s Blake Recovery Center Selects Lynne C. Sennett, MPH, BSN, as New Director
Carrier Clinic announces Internal Promotions to Executive Team
Carrier Clinic hosts 27th Golf Classic to raise awareness for Mental Health and Addiction Illnesses.
Shailaja K. Shah, MD, Joins Carrier Clinic Medical Staff
Carrier Clinic and East Mountain Hospital offering Free Alcohol and Depression Screening Dates throughout 2013
Carrier Clinic and East Mountain Hospital offering Free Alcohol and Depression Screening Dates throughout 2013
Donald Parker chosen to lead Carrier Clinic as President

Carrier Clinic hosts second year "Walk of Hope" for mental health awareness
Carrier Clinic announces upcoming alcohol and depression screenings
26th Golf Classic to raise awareness for Mental Health and Addiction Illnesses.
Carrier Clinic CEO Announces Retirement
Carrier Clinic hosts free Mood Disorder Support Group on Thursdays
Jagwinder S. Sandhu, MD, Joins Carrier Clinic's Medical Staff
Tara McKinney, MD, Appointed to Medical Staff at Carrier Clinic
Carrier Clinic appoints Robert Saint-VIL, JR., D.O to staff
Carrier Clinic and East Mountain Hospital offering Free Alcohol and Depression Screening Dates throughout 2012

Carrier Clinic announces Kindred spirit award recipients for 2011
Carrier Clinic hosts "Walk of Hope" for mental health awareness
Board of Trustees elects Ann Damsgaard as Chairwoman of the Strategic Planning Committee
Carrier Clinic appoints David L. Buch to Staff
Carrier Clinic welcomes new medical director, Marie E. Hasson, MD
Carrier Clinic welcomes Abdul H. Kazi
Board appoints John Kolligian, JR. as Vice Chairman
Carrier Clinic appoints Thomas G. Amato as Chairman of the Board of Trustees

100th Anniversary Gala raises $110,000
Shining brightly for its 100th year, Carrier Clinic Solar Farm becomes Operational

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Summertime and the Living's Easy
Summertime Blues
3 Ways to Support a Loved One’s Addiction Recovery

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