Helping Loved Ones

Helping Your Loved One

The caring professionals at Carrier Clinic realize the challenges and stress that burdens friends and family, and understand the toll it takes on your lives, when a loved one of any age faces emotional/behavioral distress, and/or psychiatric and addictive disorders.

If someone you care about-whether an adolescent, adult or older adult may be suffering, and is in need of professional help, we welcome you to call us anytime to initiate a conversation and provide us with background information on his or her behavior, so we can determine if our facilities and treatment are right for your loved one.

Please know, however, that we will ultimately need to speak directly to the individual to best evaluate the severity of the situation and assess if admission to our facility is needed.

When You Need Us

Getting help for a loved one is of utmost importance, especially when you see destructive behavior escalating. Call our Access Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1(800)933-3579 to discuss your loved one's problem and behavior. Our behavioral health specialist can help determine the most appropriate course of action, schedule an evaluation for possible admission, and respond to your insurance questions.