Celebrating a Century Under the Stars

As we gear up for this Thanksgiving holiday, it is all the more appropriate to say “Thank You” to our employees, patients, community partners and friends – because of their support, we’ve had a wonderful year.

An organization does not reach the 100 year-mark by accident. Running any business is challenging, especially when you happen to be a psychiatric and addictions hospital. We’ve spent the last 100 years growing, changing and surviving within a community culture that hasn’t always embraced our mission. Stigma is alive and well, but we are still here, fighting the good fight, because we have so many people that depend on us, and we truly believe in what we do.

It has been a whirlwind of a year here at Carrier Clinic®. Over the past year, we have held 4 professional conferences, rebranded our logo, upgraded our website, put together a beautiful anniversary book keepsake, hosted a Somerset Patriots Game, produced new billboards, radio and cable commercials, and supported our professional and community partners with multiple newspaper, magazine and online advertising. In addition, we created the “Who I Was, Who I Am” Video Testimonial to show all of you-our community, family and friends, what we strive to accomplish with our patients, every single day.

But we could not have finished off this year properly without our most recent success: the 100th Anniversary Gala, held on October 30th at the Somerset Hills Hotel. Our only true fundraising event of the year, the Gala had over 175 people in attendance, including members of our Board of Trustees, Executive Team and Medical Staff, as well as employees from various departments, and many of our vendors. Our inaugural Gala presented Former Governor and Mrs. Mary Jo Codey with the Kindred Spirit Award for their unwavering commitment to those who are afflicted with mental illness. The Codey’s were gracious guests, stopping at many of the tables that evening to greet the others in the room. It truly was a magical evening!

Carrier Clinic 100th Anniversary GalaThanks to the generosity of our colleagues, partners and friends, we raised an unprecedented $111,000, which will benefit the people we serve.

We are already gearing up for next year’s Gala, so we hope you can join us in the Fall of 2011 – we’ll announce the date as soon as it becomes available.

We are always interested to hear your comments ~ about our new site, services, etc. However, this is not the place to leave detailed, personal health information, and any posts that are inappropriate or unrelated to our site will not be posted. Please call our Access Center at 800-933-3579 if you wish to speak with someone about a possible admission.

Again, Thank You for an amazing year, and the opportunity to celebrate under the stars!

Heather Steel