Good Samaritan Law Can Avert Needless Tragedy

I’d like to offer my apologies, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but we are in the process of updating our blog (and expanding its capabilities) as we continue to make the slow transition to social media. You’ll see new changes soon, I promise!

That being said, I did see something in the Courier News today – a letter to the editor regarding the Good Samaritan Law, written by Jennifer Velez, Commissioner, NJ Department of Human Services. After reading I felt propelled to address the topic of the Good Samaritan Law.

The abuse of illegal and prescription drugs is being called a public health crisis reaching epidemic proportions. We lose too many of our loved ones to this devastating illness. And, for all of you Glee fans out there, we lost a beautiful, talented young man on Saturday – although the cause of death is not available at this time, he had a history of abusing drugs.

In the past, friends, family members or even strangers might not have called 911 to get help for someone overdosing, because they thought it would bring unwanted legal ramifications. However, in May, Governor Christie signed the “Good Samaritan Law” which protects witnesses and victims of drug overdose from arrest, charge, prosecution, conviction, and revocation of parole or probation for possession or use of illegal drugs.

Please get the word out, and in the case of an overdose, call 911 immediately. Thank you.