An Animal a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Winner of the Dog Look-A-Like Contest at the 2015 Walk of Hope

The Many Benefits Animals Offer Humans

We’ve all heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but let’s consider what an “animal a day” can do. Animal Assisted Therapy – through which people interact with animals as a form of treatment to improve social, emotional, cognitive or physical functioning – often allows individuals to recover faster and even to require less medication as part of the healing process. This therapy can be a wonderful complement to other therapies and treatments.

A number of studies conducted on Animal Assisted Therapy allude to the many positive benefits animals offer humans, ranging from decreased stress and lower blood pressure, to physical rehabilitation and pain reduction, to improved focus and motivation. This may mean practicing fine-motor skills with a therapy dog, reducing stress by petting a cat, or even improving social skills by caring for horses.

Animal Assisted Therapy at Carrier Clinic®

Carrier Clinic® partners with Horsetime Inc., an equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning firm that conducts onsite therapy programs with horses. Interacting with the horses and learning to properly approach the animals leads participants to draw parallels in how to approach situations and people on a daily basis. Many people find it easier to form connections with animals, making Equine Therapy and Pet Therapy positive additions to effective treatment plans.

Through Animal Assisted Therapy, people of all ages can raise their self-esteem, lift their mood, increase social and nurturing skills, as well as recover from and cope with various medical conditions.

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