Suicide Prevention for College Students

Reducing Suicide Risk at a Critical Age

Research has shown that the majority of mental disorders manifest themselves before the age of 24. For this reason, college years are a critical time to address mental health issues, including suicide risk. Mental health may be affected by increased stress, drug and alcohol use, the transition away from home, and biological factors.

Whatever the reason, young adults often present with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric illnesses for the first time between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. Tragically, nearly 75% of suicides in NJ are people in this age group.

New Suicide Prevention Law in NJ Helps College Students

In a groundbreaking legislative move, NJ has now passed the Madison Holleran Suicide Prevention Act to help combat this disturbing trend. The law mandates 24/7 access to trained mental health providers for every college student in the state, as well as prevention and awareness training for faculty and staff. Within the first two weeks of each semester, every college student in NJ must be emailed contact information to reach experts skilled in suicide risk prevention.

Tell the college students in your life to look for the information in their inbox, save it, and access the help provided right away if thoughts become overwhelming or dark, or if they’re concerned about a friend.

Walk With Us to End the Stigma of Mental Illness

Please join us at the Walk of Hope on September 16th to help eliminate stigma and increase awareness of mental health disorders and treatments. You can also visit our Walk of Hope site for more information or to register now. You can make a difference, just by showing your support!

For more information, check out the resources linked below. Addiction, bipolar disorder, and other relevant topics are also addressed in our Resource Center.

More Information About Suicide

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