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From our CEO

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed each May in the US since 1949, yet 56% of Americans with a mental illness still don’t receive treatment. That’s more than 20 million people who aren’t getting the help they need.

At Carrier Clinic®, we treat more than 6,000 people each year, and see a common thread between them. They want to express their struggles, but are often unable to fully explain what they’re feeling or why they’re behaving a certain way.

That’s why your gift to Carrier Clinic®, an independent nonprofit organization, is so important. Donors make it possible for us to provide the compassionate care so vital to people with mental illness or addiction, as well as supportive care for their loved ones and outreach to the community. We utilize a range of treatment modalities, including the latest scientific advances as well as alternative therapies.

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, join us in acknowledging the struggles faced by people with mental illness and those caring for others in the grips of these diseases. Your gift will help us continue our work to support and treat behavioral health conditions and to educate the community for better understanding.
Thank you,
Carrier Clinic® CEO

What to do

Take charge through positive, decisive action.

“What to Do?” When framed as a question, the words read like those of someone who’s resigned to a fate that’s out of their hands.

When put forth by Carrier Clinic®, What to Do is a statement that the solutions you’re seeking are right at your fingertips—and that if you’re ready to take those first steps toward recovery, we can show you the path.

A new interactive feature of the website, the What to Do page is a simple, streamlined, easy-to-use resource for individuals or families who need assistance and answers RIGHT NOW. If you or someone close to you is experiencing mild to moderate or severe signs of mental illness or addiction-related issues, you’re just a click away from easily understood instructions on dealing with the situation at hand—whether what’s needed is a direct link to a helpful government agency or nonprofit, or a call to 911.

You’ll also learn more about warning signs and treatments, by connecting with a list of informative articles designed to help educate you and your loved ones on the basics.

Need help in a hurry? Here’s what to do:
go to
and take charge through positive, decisive action.

Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

Across the region, the month of May represents a “spring awakening” in full flower and it’s this casting off of winter’s dreary chill, this sense of renewed life, that makes now the perfect time to observe National Mental Health Awareness Month.

The sounds and colors of springtime’s warmth and longer days also represent a greater array of choices, so there’s no better time to emphasize that you have a choice when it comes to finding and getting the level of treatment you need and deserve.

Of course, if you’re seeking a fully equipped, well-established center for the compassionate, respectful treatment of addiction issues and mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, suicidal/self-injuring impulses, or dementia—there really is one clear choice: Carrier Clinic®.

Carrier Clinic®’s newly expanded, extensively upgraded facility serves the people of New Jersey and the greater region with a level of professionalism and dedication that’s grounded in over 100 years of award-winning history—an unparalleled track record of continuous service.

At the same time, that strong foundation allows us to shape the future of behavioral healthcare, by taking the lead in implementing the most forward-thinking new therapeutic programs, technological advances, and data-driven innovations.

With referrals from all 51 hospitals in the Garden State, our more than 1,000 team members serve some 6,300 clients each year. It’s a staff that has grown beyond the core team of medical, counseling, administrative and support personnel, to include certified professionals in the disciplines of art, music, movement and other proven therapies.

The key to our continued success is specialization. Understanding, treating and healing individuals with mental illness and addictions is the entirety of what we do, and we do it with a degree of care and expertise that’s unmatched anywhere in the region.

From proven medical modalities and exemplary counseling services to state of the art vanguard technologies, and the highly successful integration of what were once called “alternative” therapies, the Carrier Clinic® team is committed to healing diseases of the brain, through the most modern evidence-based treatments and people-centered compassionate care.

It’s a way of thinking that embraces the significance of mobile communication devices to our modern lives as well as the age-old connection between humans and their animal companions.

It’s a recognition that compassion is a form of medicine in itself, and that real healing can occur from outside the old parameters of the clinical setting.Having increased our capacity to treat patients, and introduced an

Having increased our capacity to treat patients, and introduced an all new slate of therapeutic activities and tech-based improvements, Carrier Clinic® stands now more than ever as the first and best choice of individuals who seek recovery and healing.From families whose long-term lives have been affected by mental

From families whose long-term lives have been affected by mental illness, to those most impacted by the recent epidemic in opioid-related addictions, we have the understanding, the specialized expertise, the resources, and the vision to help you in your journey.

Our Carrier Clinic® team provides a continuum of programs and services designed to correct the issues that disrupt a person’s ability to live a stable life—services that can also save lives, as they promote stronger mental health among affected individuals, their loved ones, and throughout the greater community.

Triggr Health

While there can be many paths to healing, issues like mental illness and addiction seldom march along a predictable straight line to resolution. In many cases, those who battle addiction often struggle with repeated relapse–making it difficult for them to believe that the next trip to rehab will be the one that ‘sticks.’

One effective, innovative way Carrier Clinic® offers help to those struggling to stay sober can be held literally in the palm of your hand.

It’s Triggr, a smartphone-based support platform that allows individuals to navigate their way through the often challenging (and ongoing) process of long-term recovery, with 24-7 access to real-time, data-based guidance that’s confidential, comprehensive, and keyed to the patient’s own patterns of behavior.

Working with Triggr allows an individual to meet their goals for recovery in a way that measures success by their own needs—the right plan, the right therapy, and the right support from people who will be there unconditionally at the most difficult of times.

Carrier Clinic® has partnered with the creators of Triggr to provide the people under our care with a lifeline that’s personalized, predictive, and proactive—and this interactive mobile support system is just one of many new technologies being pioneered by our team.

The future of behavioral healthcare is all about choices that make sense for each individual, and when it comes to finding and getting the treatment you need and deserve, that future is now at Carrier Clinic®.


As CEO/President of Carrier Clinic®, Donald J. Parker remains the most visible spokesman for the Carrier Clinic® team and its mission—so when the veteran mental healthcare professional received a major accolade this year, he was quick to emphasize that this was a “squad goals” achievement.

Compiled each year by NJBIZ magazine, the NJ Power 50 Health Care List recognizes “the most important, influential, successful and powerful individuals” working within the state’s healthcare industry. Mr. Parker’s debut appearance is all the more significant as the first time that the CEO of a behavioral healthcare facility has been so honored.

“This is the culmination of the work of all our staff, over 107 years of existence,” explains the CEO, who came aboard in 2013 and has presided over a period of unprecedented growth and expansion at the Belle Mead campus. “We’ve long considered ourselves on par with the major heart and cancer centers, who treat the other organs of the body as we treat the brain. And it’s a sign of this parity that we’ve earned such a recognition.”

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