Study Focused on Substance Abuse Recovery

Carrier Clinic® partners with University of Arizona for study focused on substance abuse recovery

Carrier Clinic, an NJ psychiatric hospital and recovery center, announces today a study designed by the University of Arizona to test the effectiveness of Nexalin transcranial stimulation (TCS), a non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment, to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Carrier Clinic’s Blake Recovery Center™ has been using Nexalin TCS for four years. Patients have reported a reduction in cravings when withdrawing from drugs and alcohol when Nexalin is used as a part of their treatment plan. The success of the clinical application led Carrier Clinic, Nexalin, and investigators at the University of Arizona to undertake a formal scientific study of the therapy as an addition to standard care for cravings and withdrawal symptoms from drug and alcohol addiction.

“What is most exciting about this study is that it offers a new way of thinking about substance use treatment and improving outcomes,” noted Dr. Michael Grandner of the University of Arizona, who designed the study. “Despite all of the advances in recent years, what we have is still not enough. What we’re doing in this study is trying to find creative ways to help and assist the treatments that already exist – this really is an opportunity to take what we’re already doing and make it even better.”

“The future of addiction treatment is in the brain,” said Nexalin President and Chief Executive Officer Mark White. “The collaborative study between University of Arizona, Carrier Clinic’s Blake Recovery Center, and Nexalin represents a giant step forward in addiction treatment.”

“The truth is, our society is facing an epidemic,” said Donald Parker, CEO & President of Carrier Clinic. “With the University of Arizona’s cutting-edge research program and Nexalin’s understanding of brain science, we’re revolutionizing how our patients will experience withdrawal symptoms in their recovery. What we know as a specialized treatment hospital is that effective innovations such as Nexalin paired with talk therapy have a tremendous therapeutic impact on our patients – and now we’ll be able to provide it with scientific validity.”

The clinical trial will last 10 months and will be used on patients on a voluntary basis.

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