New Unit for Treatment of Adult Psychiatric, Dual-Diagnosis Patients

Carrier Opens New Care Unit for Treatment of Adult Psychiatric, Dual-Diagnosis Patients

East Mountain Hospital officially closed its doors at midnight on September 30, the result of regulation changes for Medicaid reimbursement for adult psychiatric and dual-diagnosis clients.

“We have thoroughly appreciated the service that East Mountain Hospital has provided for more than 15 years on our campus. However, the closing of East Mountain Hospital brought with it a new beginning for Carrier Clinic and a cause for celebration,” said Donald Parker, Carrier president and CEO.

The Medicaid regulation change, which went into effect on October 1, allows Carrier Clinic, one of the top mental health facilities in New Jersey, to now serve adult Medicaid beneficiaries. As such, the space formerly occupied by East Mountain Hospital has transitioned into a new adult unit for Carrier. The new unit is named the Comprehensive Services Unit (CSU) and opened with 16 beds. The psychiatric unit is projected to expand to 24 beds by 2019.

“Additionally, Carrier employees will find familiar faces working on CSU because many of the East Mountain Hospital employees have joined the Carrier Clinic team,” Parker added.

The Comprehensive Services Unit serves adult psychiatric and dual-diagnosis clients. CSU provides inpatient treatment in a caring, supportive environment. Both voluntary and involuntary patients who exhibit a primary psychiatric diagnosis receive treatment. Medicaid and Medicare are accepted.

Individualized Mental Health Treatment

Individualized treatment is based upon the patient’s needs through assessment by the psychiatrist, nurse, primary therapist, allied clinical therapist, addiction staff, and other disciplines as appropriate.

  • Individual, group and family therapeutic interventions
  • Patient and family education provided from a multidisciplinary and collaborative perspective
  • A collaboratively developed discharge plan involving the patient, family, and treatment team, ensuring a more successful return to the community
  • Medical consultation/evaluation and recommendations
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Contact and treatment updates are given to outside providers upon request/approval of client

Psychiatric and Addiction Services

Services may include the following:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and ongoing treatment
  • Medical consultation with treatment if necessary
  • Individual, family, and group therapy with licensed social workers
  • Daily psychiatric education groups, focusing on issues such as anger management, self-esteem, communication, social problem solving, independent living, and conflict resolution
  • Addiction treatment, both group and individual, with a substance abuse counselor
  • NA/AA meetings
  • 24-hour therapeutic milieu with registered nurses and mental health technicians
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) services
  • Assessment by a registered dietician
  • Medication management

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