Carrier Clinic®’s Strategic Plan

While we are immensely proud of Carrier Clinic®’s rich history of providing exemplary behavioral healthcare for over a century, we believe the best is yet to come. Changes within the healthcare arena are happening at lightning speed, and organizations wishing to thrive must stay ahead of the curve.

Propelled by our new vision, “Building on a century of compassionate care, shaping the future of behavioral health,” Carrier, an NJ psychiatric hospital and recovery center, is dedicated to serving those who suffer from behavioral health and addiction illnesses for the next hundred years, which is why we developed a robust strategic plan that will position us to prosper in the decades ahead.

I invite you to read through Carrier Clinic’s Strategic Plan, which highlights some of our recent accomplishments, current objectives and plans for the future. We have invested heavily in our patients, staff, and community because it enables us to fulfill our mission, “to inspire hope & recovery through expert treatment, education, compassionate care, and outstanding service.”

Among the Highlights:

  • A $21 million Facility Master Plan dedicated to creating a physical environment that aligns our patients’ need for a safe and healing environment with our organization’s need to stay competitive.
  • The recent development of a clearly defined Vision Statement and a strong Mission Statement to guide us in carrying out that vision.
  • The adoption of the Five Pillars (Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, Finance, Quality and Safety, and Growth) as the supporting structure of our strategic plan.
  • An investment in Technology, without the financial assistance made widely available to medical hospitals (meaningful use funds), to ensure integration of care for our patients.
  • In conjunction with Press Ganey, the development of a ‘Compassionate Care index’ which would measure our ability to deliver compassionate care. Carrier Clinic® will be the first facility to independently measure compassion as part of its formal survey process.

Achieving our vision will not be easy. But with our direction defined through our Strategic Plan, we look forward to the challenge of building on a century of compassionate care, shaping the future of behavioral health.

Integrative Planning

Carrier Clinic’s ambitious strategic goals are identified and developed by a multidisciplinary team of staff. Each component of the strategic plan is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based to support the organization’s overall goals. Critical plans have been developed to ensure that the most promising projects are pursued, the necessary staff are recruited and trained, the latest technology is employed, the branding and communications are focused on driving reputation and increasing patient access to our services, financial resources are secured and effectively managed, and the most efficient and productive spaces are designed and built.

Planning Components:

  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Customer Experience Pillar
  • Quality & Safety Pillar
  • Growth Pillar
  • Finance Pillar
  • Employee Engagement Pillar
  • Technology Plan
  • Facility Master Plan
  • Marketing and Community Outreach Plan
  • Fund Development Plan

Customer Experience Pillar

The Customer Experience Pillar’s mission is to provide our patients, residents, students, and families with an optimal patient and family-centered experience. We do this by connecting clinical and operational excellence with compassionate care within a supportive environment and culture. We measure our adult inpatients’ experience of care through a nationally known customer satisfaction survey vendor: Press Ganey. The feedback from these surveys enables us to understand the degree to which the needs of our patients are met, which is critical to determining where improvement efforts must be focused. As a tertiary behavioral health care facility, we are also in the process of developing a customized survey tool for our adolescent populations in conjunction with Press Ganey. Carrier Clinic believes that providing compassionate care is the motivation that brought all caregivers to their careers, and it is the key to our overall organizational success.

Primary Initiatives:

  • Establish goals for customer experience scores.
  • Monitor progress toward goals, provide support and recognition.
  • Identify and hardwire best practices; e.g. AIDET, discharge phone calls.
  • Design adolescent continuum surveys.
  • Develop compassion index for surveys to obtain measurement of staff compassion.
  • Introduce “Schwartz Rounds,” a methodology to foster compassionate caregiving.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Developed adolescent continuum surveys.
  • Implemented quarterly departmental rewards and recognition of successes.
  • Improved “culture of quiet” by use of safe-touch pagers for patients.
  • Designed thank you cards, signed by staff, for patients and residents upon discharge.
  • Redesigned treatment planning conferences for improved team communication.

View the full contents of Carrier Clinic’s Strategic Plan to learn more.