Cheer Away Depression

Sports Fans Are Happier

Mood swings seem to come out of nowhere, but they are not abnormal. Everyone experiences mood changes.

Many studies have proven that passionate sports fans are less prone to depression than those who do not affiliate themselves with a team. Even better, the hardcore fans tend to have very high self-esteem. This is not to say sports fans are happier than people who do not watch sports, but the evidence supports that it sure helps.

Joining together to cheer on a team creates a sense of community. Everyone has a desire to belong, and for many, that desire is fulfilled with sports. A round of high fives to anyone in the vicinity after a player on your team hits a home run or scores a touchdown generates an unparalleled euphoria. Individuals come together for a shared interest and for some, the release is like their therapy.

Once a fan becomes bonded to a team, they experience all of the benefits from it. Being out of town and running into a fan ignites a feeling of camaraderie. It’s a very quick way to make friends. Fans with season tickets have claimed that the people sitting in their section day in and day out become a little family.

Even leaving a game right after a loss, fans can all commiserate together. Having the bonding experience that concludes, “there’s always next season!” It’s becoming more apparent that watching a game isn’t just about the team; it’s a great social activity. Fans have a built-in support network of friends and acquaintances at a game. Win or lose, being a fan creates a healthier mind and happier soul.

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