Implementation Strategy 2016

In 2016, Carrier Clinic® underwent a comprehensive data gathering process (Community Health Needs Assessment) to identify the mental health needs of the communities we serve. As a specialized, non-profit psychiatric hospital, our definition of community is unlike most medical/surgical centers who primarily use an immediate geographic boundary to define “community.”

Therefore, for the 2016-2019 Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Strategy, Carrier Clinic®’s community is defined as “adults suffering from acute mental health and dual diagnosis illnesses, residing in Middlesex & Somerset counties.” Additional data has been provided on a state level for mental health and dual diagnosis needs throughout the state of New Jersey.

Utilizing a compilation of County CHIP data, BRFSS participation, key informant Interviews, patient focus groups and other sources, we have identified the mental health and dual diagnosis/addiction education and information needs of New Jersey and our two counties, and have put together a plan to meet those needs, as we are able, specific to each county in our defined community.

As “Mental Health & Addiction Illnesses” are a top priority throughout the state, there are tremendous opportunities for Carrier Clinic® to provide education and information to not only consumer/community members, but to the mental health professionals in those counties as well.

To view the 2016 Implementation Strategy, download the attached PDF.