What is Behavioral Health? – May 2017

Reflections for Mental Health Awareness Month

How is your physical health? Most of us can answer this question easily, but perhaps an equally important question seems more complex. That is, how is your behavioral health? You know, your mental health?? Feeling, thinking and acting in ways that enhance our enjoyment of life and ability to deal with challenges means we’re experiencing good mental health. Put simply, it’s when our relationships, work-life balance, mental functioning and reactions to stress feel manageable, even if everything’s not going perfectly.

Just as physical healthcare employs the science of the body–its structures, functions, and disorders–to treat a host of physical diseases, behavioral healthcare looks to the science of the brain to treat a variety of brain diseases. These include depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, addictions and many other illnesses involving our mental well-being. Often, more than one brain disease needs to be addressed to reach optimal behavioral health, just as many physical ailments may go hand-in-hand (high blood pressure and diabetes, for instance).

So, how is your mental health today? Here’s a checklist to think about:

Good Mental Health Means:

  • I’m able to cope with stress
  • I can concentrate on tasks and think clearly
  • I’m generally hopeful that good things can, do and will happen
  • I’m getting enough sleep
  • I feel a sense of community
  • I can adapt to change and new situations
  • I have good self-esteem
  • I feel supported by my friends and family

If you have questions regarding your mental health or the mental health of a loved one find out What To Do. You’ll find information and guidance – including access to supportive services when you need them.

And remember, you can not have good physical health, without good mental health.

For even more behavioral health topics, visit our Information Center.

Healthy Mental Health Awareness Month from your behavioral healthcare specialists at Carrier Clinic®!