East Mountain School


Sports Program
Our school provides an opportunity to participate in sports activities such as softball, basketball, and soccer in our Physical Education Program. Activities are always introduced with skill/drill building activities and transition into full organized sports. Activities may take place outside, on our expansive campus and/or in our Main Gymnasium – with also includes a full basketball court/volleyball court.

East Mountain School also integrates alternative Physical Education environments. The “Tech Gym” has students participating in Wii-Sports and Dance, Dance Revolution. Students participate in tournaments as well as measuring their own personal growth in the activities.

Performances/Instrumental Music/Choral Music
East Mountain School promotes student learning in the instrumental music area. Students are able to learn how to play various musical instruments including piano, keyboard, drums, and both electric and acoustical guitars.

Our students also engage in specialized Dramatics and Theater Productions where they are able to showcase their performing arts skills in at least two annual productions.

Industrial Arts/Technology
Computer and construction based projects in all Industrial Arts Technology class electives.

Students are able to engage in swimming activities during the Extended School Year Program in our summer session.

East Mountain School publishes a yearbook every school year which highlights each grade level and activities that make each year special. Students work directly with the yearbook coordinator in creation of the book.

The book is completely paid for through fundraising activities and a copy of the yearbook is provided free of charge to all East Mountain School students.

Field Day Activities
Field Day Activities are orchestrated by the school’s physical education teachers and afford students the opportunity to participate in structured and organized gym and game activities.

How to Enroll Your Child

Student enrollments to the East Mountain School are made through the child study team from each local school district. Further information for admissions can be obtained by calling 908-281-1415 or 908-281-1445. To learn more about specialized educational services and how parents can help take action, please visit: www.spannj.org.