Adolescent & Teen Residential Treatment

Our Residents

Our residents include males and females age 13-18 with psychiatric, emotional and behavioral difficulties, most of whom have a history of failed placements elsewhere, and who have experienced multiple traumas such as sexual abuse, abandonment, and loss. Many residents have been previously diagnosed with Conduct Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Impulse Control Disorder, Substance Abuse, and various other psychotic and personality disorders. Their behavioral histories could include property destruction, violence, anti-social behavior, stealing, defiance of authority, poor school attendance, illegal activity, running away and drug use/dealing.

Our Staff

The East Mountain Youth Lodge provides one direct care staff member for every four to five adolescents. Our clinical team includes a Board-certified psychiatrist, licensed clinical social worker, registered nurse, substance abuse counselor and residential counselor.